Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Project Open Core: Hardware - Fittings

I have used Bitspower fittings in a few of my past builds.  Haven’t had any issues with them, but they are pretty expensive as far as fittings go.  This go around, I decided to give Barrow fittings a shot.  I have read on various forums they are physically the same as Bitspower, but much less expensive, and they have a matte black finish instead of shiny black likes Bitspower do.  I still have a few select bitspower fittings, but the majority will be Barrow for this build.

Also decided to change out the o-rings for all the fittings to better match the theme of the build.  Went with Monsoon replacement o-rings.  They look pretty good when installed, and are nice and thick.

For the hardline tubing, decided to go with Monsoon fittings as well.  They have the same matte black finish as the barrow fittings, and are really easy to install and tighten with the included tool the kit comes with.

For my drain port, I am using a combination of a Bitspower ball shutoff valve, and a Phobya Quick Disconnect Valve.  On a rotary fitting, it sits sung under the radiator, but can swivel out for easy access to drain the loop.  The setup works really well.  Swing it out, attach the female end of the QDC and tubing going to a bucket, then turn the ball valve.  Simple and quick system flush.

You may have noticed in the first picture above, I had a Bitspower flow indicator with the rest of the fittings.  After seeing another option, decided to change it out for one made by AlphaCool .  I like the shape, and it matches the overall look of the build better.

The only thing I don’t like is that ugly yellow spin wheel.  While one side is blue, I doubt I will be able to see that when the Blue Pastel fluid is going through it.  Don’t want any yellow showing (yuck), so used the good ole Vinyl dye to change to color to black.

Color change completed, I put it back together, and tested it with the fluid.  The black looks great, and much better than yellow. I may also install a very dim LED behind the indicator, but will test that out once I have the Pastel Blue fluid in the loops.

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