Friday, May 16, 2014

Springfield M1A Archangel Precision Stock Upgrade

I have had my Springfield M1A Loaded edition for about 4 years, and it is probably my favorite rifle.  Not as easy to modify as my AR-15, but really fun to shoot, extremely accurate, and is now my dedicated Elk rifle. The only thing I don't like about the M1A is that the factory stock (mine was synthetic OD Green) doesn't work that well with a scope and requires a cheek riser.  The Factory stock also doesn't have any way to easily attach accessories requiring modification for things like a bi-pod.

I had previously looked into getting a JAE-100 stock from J. Allen Enterprises to give the rifle a more modern / tactical look and functionality. But I ultimately decided not to go that route because of the extremely high price (almost more than the actual rifle), and the 1+ year wait times to get one.

Recently I came across a new replacement stock for the M1A called the Archangel. When I purchased it from Midway USA, it was on sale for around $120, which is about 80% less than a JAE-100, and it has most of the features I wanted in a new precision replacement stock.

Here is some info on the stock, directly from the manufacturer website.

The next generation, fully adjustable stock for Springfield M1A™ and M14 rifles.  Drop-in fit.  Built entirely of our proprietary, lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced polymer.  Impervious to weather, and will withstand all standard gun solvents and oils.  The Archangel M1A™ Precision Stock is tough as nails, and will deliver outstanding accuracy shot after shot, year after year.

  • Extremely durable construction, yet weighs only 4.2 lbs.
  • Precision fit inlet provides excellent accuracy.
  • Length of pull is thumbwheel click adjustable from 13-5/8″ to 14-13/16″
  • Cheek riser is thumbwheel click adjustable in .05″ increments.
  • Equipped with two standard sling swivel studs.
  • Incorporates 4 integral steel inserts for ball-lock/push-button QD sling swivels     
  • Grip storage compartment
  •  Integrated forend Picatinny rail with extended rail cover.  
Below you can see my M1A with the original synthetic stock, bi-pod, and cheek riser, next to the Archangel stock directly below it. 

Close up of the ribbed "Drop-in" section of the stock.  I am told the ribbed sections offer greater strength while limiting weight.

The angled grip also has a storage compartment.  Currently I have my "BoreSnake" stored in this compartment.

Here is the lower Picatinny rail.  I will be installing my Harris Bi-Pod towards the front using a quick detach bi-pod adapter, and will use a standard rail protector on the remainder of the rail to make it more comfortable to hold.

I decided to add a second smaller Picatinny rail to the bottom of the buttstock.  This was done so that I could use a Mono-pod, Accu-Shot PRM (Precision Rail Monopod) with Quick Knob Option, for greater stabilization when shooting in prone.  I had to file down a small part of the stock where there was a sling attachment, and drill two small holes to accept a Magpul L2 MOE Rail Section. 

Installing this secondary rail was very easy and it works perfectly.

Here is another shot of the new rail directly from the side. Here you can also see the click-wheels that are used to adjust both the length of pull, and the cheek riser.  They work very well, and are pretty solid.

Here we have an exploded view of the M1A's upper receiver, and the trigger assembly, ready to be dropped into the new stock. You can also see the bi-pod and mono-pods have been installed as well.

Here we have the fully assembled rifle along with the new stock.  Installation was very easy with the included instructions. I did have to file down a tiny part of the stock as recommended in the instructions, but overall took no more than 10min to get everything nice and snug.  There is no noticeable play, and everything feels very solid. 

Same as above, but with the bi-pod and mono-pod deployed.  Looks pretty sweet!

I had some extra foam from the hard-case that I made for my Drone, so I decided to use it to make a new foam insert since the stock now has a different shape. 

Using the Pick and Pull foam, I was able to make a perfect "mold" for the M1A's new outline.  It fits perfectly and will do an excellent job protecting my M1A.  I have only had one opportunity so far to shoot with the new stock installed.  My groupings are just as good, if not a tad better, and because of the adjustable components, the rifle is now a perfect fit for me.  I haven't done enough shooting with it to give it a full review, but so far I am very pleased with both the look and performance of this new stock.

Thanks for taking a look.  Now time to get back to my posting progress about the Drone.


  1. I am currently building my M1a Loaded Precision from SA. Yours look very good !! What scope and mounts did you use ?

  2. Did the stock come with the matching forend top cover?

    1. It does not. I used the one that came with my original OD Green M1A stock.

  3. Did it come with the extra piece so it isn't considered a pistol grip? Yup, I'm in California. Did you use the springfield scope attachment?

    1. No, the grip comes as is, no extra components to modify it.
      I ended up going with the Sadlak Industries scope mount. 3 Elk hunts and lots of range time later, still holding up great.

    2. I recently purchased my archangel stock on GunBroker, and it came with the insert to modify the grip so it is no longer a pistol grip

  4. Looks great!would you happen to know if it's CA compliant?

    1. The version I have isn't but I have heard the ones shipping now come with an modification to make them CA compliant if needed. Will need to verify.

    2. The modified picatinny rail for the mono pod, what did you use to secure to the stock and has it continued to stay stable ?

    3. Picatinny install what did you use to secure to the rear stock and have you had any issues with it coming loose? thanks

    4. I pre-drilled the holes into the stock and just used some Socket Head Cap Screws to "tap" the threads and secure the rail. Has stayed on very well, no wiggle after lots of target shooing and 3 Elk hunts.

    5. Thank you sir very helpful

    6. Thank you sir very helpful