Monday, August 5, 2013

CASE MOD - Poetic Slimline for SamSung Galaxy Note 8

Ok, so the title of the post is a bit misleading... this isn't a true "Case Mod" as the term is intended for PC Case modifications.  Even though this little modification on my tablet case is really simple, it turned out to work really well and deserves a post.  Plus I am going to just copy and paste this info over on XDA-developers for those who can actually make use of it.

I recently started using the Poetic Slimliine Case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet and really like it. Thin, light, Sleep/Wake function, and good protection.  The only thing it is missing in my opinion is an elastic holder for a larger S Pen.  I realize the Note 8 already has an smaller S Pen inside the tablet body, but the larger versions you can purchase from Samsung or Wacom are better for taking notes as they are the size / weight of a normal pen, and the back works an an eraser tool for most applications that work with the SPen (S Note, Papyrus, etc).  Here is the one I purchased.  It works really well, much more accurate that the crappy types of stylus you can get for other tablets, accurate and feels very close to pen / paper.

To fix this issue, I commissioned my wife to help with her sewing skills.  Purchased a roll of 1.5in wide black elastic from Hobby Lobby, and had her sew some loops on the top of two bands.

I was going to glue the bands to the inside of the case, but found it wasn't necessary.  The friction grip that occurs once the tablet is snapped into case is plenty strong enough to keep them in and from moving around.

Here we have it installed.  It keeps the Pen securely in place, and is very easy to access.  Also doesn't get in the way when holding the tablet in any orientation.
 Here is a shot from the back.  It is flexible enough to easily plug into the headphone jack.  Doesn't hinder anything on the device.

Overall, this little $2 upgrade has made this case perfect for me now.  Very happy with how it turned out.