Sunday, April 3, 2016

Project Open Core: Thermaltake P5 Build (Introduction & Project Index)

Getting ready to start a new liquid cooled build using the Thermaltake Core P5, open air case.  I will be using hard acrylic tubing, so I did a 3D render in Google SketchUp to get a better idea of how things would be installed, and what kind of bends I will need to do.

This is be a bit different from by previous builds using the Corsair 800D, as there will not be much "modding" required to the case itself.  I really like the design of the Core P5, and am looking forward to seeing what I can create using it.

I will be including some custom lighting as well, but still deciding which direction I want to go with the acrylic panels, and lighting source.  Testing both RGB LED light strips and EL Wire at the moment.

I will go into more detail regarding the components that will be used in a future post. Until then, check out this short video showing the 3D render from a few different angles.

Project Index