Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Project Ecthelion: Fluid Color Additive

Leak testing... Completed
Benchmarks... Completed
Stress Tests... Completed

Now its time to add pretty colors to the fluid loops!

Sticking with Mayhem's Pastel additives, as I used the Pastel Blue in my current rig, and after 1 year, it still looks great.  Haven't experienced the particulate settling issues some have reported, possibly because of the speed my pumps run.  Whatever the reason, it has been great for me, and I'm excited to see how it looks in this build.

The fill process is pretty basic, but be sure to keep paper towels handy, as this stuff can stain if it makes contact with a wood counter top, clothing, or other porous material.  I used a little funnel to help keep things from spilling and make it easier to fill the reservoirs.

If the system is running while you are pouring the color additive, it will quickly move through the loops as the pumps whip it around pretty fast.  The loops were fully mixed within just a minute or two after adding the colors.

Huzzah!  Kind of looks like "Whole Milk" next to "Blue Milk" from StarWars.  Really pleased with how these 2 colors look together, and how well they complement the case and hardware.

Its taken a while to get this far, but next up... FINAL BUILD PICS!