Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quadcopter Drone - KK2.1 Setup, Training and Simulation

Instead of trying to type out what I did to setup my KK2.1 Flight Controller, here is a video I shot that explains the whole process, including calibrating the ESCs.

Ok. I am done building the Drone for now, but before I feel comfortable flying it, I need to get better at controlling this type of aircraft.  After all the time and money spent on this guy, the last thing I want to do is crash it during my first flight.

One great way to begin learing how to control a Quadcopter is with a Blade Nano QX.  These little drones are really fun, and can be safely flown indoors.  My kiddos love playing around with this guy as I fly around them, and occasionally do a fake "dive bombing run" towards them, quickly pulling up at the last second.

They can be purchased at many online retailers, but I picked one up at my local Hobby store when it was on sale for a killer price. These are very durable and can take a beating.  Very squirrely drone, but an excellent option to learn the basics of multi-rotor flight.  I used a $5 hard case from Harbor Freight Tools and some Pick and Pull foam I had left over to make a better carry case.

To get a better feel for the larger drones, I decided to go with the Phoenix R/C Flight Simulator for my PC.  I purchased a USB adapter that can plug into my Turnigy 9XR transmitter, so that I can fly a quadcopter drone around on my computer with the same transmitter that I will be using with actual drone.   The software works really well, and is very easy to learn once you have set up the transmitter to work with it. My kids picked it up within just a few minuets, and can now fly the various models around like pros.

I have more training to do before I am ready.  But soon it will be time for the Maiden Flight!