Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quadcopter Drone - DYI Foam Hard-case

Now that the Drone is done being built, I need a way to protect this precious gizmo.  I looked into hard-cases online from various brands, but most weren't quite the correct size, or were very expensive.  So I set out to build my own that would be the perfect size, and save a few $$S in the process.

For the case itself, , this particular model is called the "Stor-It-All Tote"  and I went with the one that measures 25"W x 17-1/2"D x 9"H.  It also has locking handles for the top lid, and can be purchased for $16 at the Container Store.

Next I picked up some foam "Pick and Pluck" from the FoamFactory. The very bottom / base is simply 1/2in of regular Solid Foam, but the rest of the case is using various thicknesses of the Pluck and Pull foam.

Pluck and Pull is pretty great, and much easier that cutting out parts of a foam block. I used a combination of two (2) 2.5in thick sheets and one (1) 3in thick sheet.  Both were the larger size of 24" x 26".  I purchased more than I needed for this case, and used it for another project, which I will post soon.

Here is the first layer of Pick and Pull, on top of the solid foam base.  You can see where I removed parts to make room for the landing struts and the GoPro camera.

After about an hour of figuring out what peices had to come out to make for a perfect fit, things are looking pretty good.  Had plenty of room to fit all parts of the Quad, transmitter, battery charger, extra batteries, and even replacement props.

Another picture of the complted foam hard-case, along with the lockable top.  I added foam inserts to the top to keep everytihng nice a secure while in the case.  Nothing moves around, and this case does an excellent job of protecting everything inside.

Next up, I will use more of this cool foam for another project.


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    1. This particular drone was to help me learn how to build a Quadcopter, and the beginnings of aerial photography. I sold this guy about 2 years ago and now fly a 3DR SOLO.