Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quadcopter Drone - GoPro Accessories & Storage

A GoPro is a very fun addition to this type of project as it can add a very cool component to what the drone can do, which is aerial photography and video.  I currently have a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.  These active cameras have a ton of accessories that you can pair up with them, and I had a hard time keeping it all organized.  So I picked up a bin from Lowes that is made for screw and nail storage.  Turns out it is the perfect size to fit my GoPro and all the accessories.
  1. GoPro Hero 3 Black with Protective Dive Housing
  2. Mini Tripod w/ Camera Mount
  3. Anti-fog inserts, extra LiPo Battery, and WiFi remote USB cable
  4. Skeleton Case Backdoor
  5. LCD Touch Screen Backdoor
  6. Various Mounts and Attachments
  7. Protective Case Backdoor
  8. Standard Case Backdoor
  9. LCD Touch Screen, and WiFi Remote
  10. Lens Protector, other camera protection bits
  11. Adhesive Surface Mounts
  12. Tripod Camera Mount Adapters
  13. Head Strap and Had Clip Mounts
  14. User Manual and floating water attachment

Now I can easily pack around everything I have that is GoPro related, except maybe my “GoPole” and Walking Stick / Monopod.  So with this and my Drone Hard-case in tow, it is almost time to head out and FLY!

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