Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Project Open Core: Hardware - CPU & Waterblock

For this build’s CPU, went with what seems to be the obvious choice nowadays, Intel i7-6700K.  I'm not into super heavy Overclocking anymore, but will still go for a slight OC and probably settle at around 4.5GHz. Looking forward to see how the performance of this CPU stacks up against my current i7-970.

I had considered going with the X99 platform as an upgrade from my X58. But being that I'm not trying to achieve any crazy OC benchmark records, and the there weren't as many options that looked as good with the matte black and RGB LEDs, decided on the Z170 platform.

For the CPU block, went with with an EK-Supremacy EVO Nickel.  It's a really nice looking block, and performance is up there with the rest of the best brands (Swiftech, Heatkiller, etc).

One of the reasons I went with the acrylic top is I wanted to be able to see the fluid as it goes through the block. This one also has holes to insert LEDs.  Not sure if I want blue or white behind the fluid, will have to experiment a bit with that one to see for sure. The same will then be applied to the reservoir, and GPU block.

One thing I didn’t like about the EK kit, was the chrome / shiny finish on the retention knobs. A little spray paint made for an easy fix to match the rest of the build.

Block is now installed, and I have started experimenting a bit with some hardline bends.  Have a good ways to go with that, and will be sure to share my progress in a future post.

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