Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Bright Panel: Component P0rn

Still waiting on a few fittings to arrive, and have started making my custom length PSU cables.  Cables and sleeving will take a bit, so in the mean time, here are some nice shots of most of the components going into this build.

EVGA GTX580 HydroCopper 2 - 2X for SLI

Some of the Bitspower Black fittings I will be using, and the Primoflex Blue tubing.
Here are the AquaComputer USB PowerAdjust 2 Ultras that I will be using to control pump speed.  The Ultra version can control speed based off of liquid temps, so it should be a nice addition, and keep pump noise to a minimum until faster speeds are needed.

Here we have the AquaComputer Aquaero 5 LT.  Pretty powerful monitoring and fan control too.  I may end up using something different to control all of the fans in my system, but as of right now, this guy is it.  The USB PowerAdjusts operate independently from the Aquaero, so you can kind of mix and match to fit your exact needs.

Here is my Primary OS SSD, and Intel X-25m 160GB.  Not the fastest on the block anymore, but still a really good and reliable SSD.  I have 3 other HDDs in this build, but didn't deem it necessary to take pics of them.  Also have my Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Edition.  I use the Optical Output to power my Logitech Z-5500 speaker setup.  Sounds great.

Here are some EK Waterblocks that I will be using.  One of the left is for my X58 motherboard Chipset and VREGs.  The other is a RAM block for my Corsair Dominator sets.

Before and After shots of the RAM block.  Noting too special, but I like Before / After shots :D

And here is my motherboard with blocks installed, along with the Swiftech Apogee HD that I will be using.  Really nice looking block, and I am glad it comes all black.  Saves me from having to paint it like I have done previous blocks.

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