Monday, September 25, 2017

DeathTrooper (3D Printed) Storm Trooper, IWI Tavor, and Tannerite

For this project, I had a chance to collaborate a bit with my brother and his buddies at their YouTube channel, How2Man. They do all kinds of cool How-To videos and weapon reviews, be sure to check out their channel and FaceBook Page.

I have an IWI SAR Tavor, which is a really fun 5.56 bullpup rifle, and thought it would be great to showcase this weapon for this collaboration video, and use it to destroy a 3D printed object using Tannerite.

I found an excellent STL of a DeathTrooper online, which is basically a Storm Trooper helmet that shows a bit of battle damange, and the skull inside.  I increased the size of the print to better allow for us to fill it with around 2lbs of Tannerite.

The entire print took around 36 hours to complete, and once done looked absolutely AWESOME!  I was almost sad that we were going to blow it up... almost.

I added a tad of acrylic paint to make the skull more noticeable. Also drilled a small hole in the bottom of the helmet so we could pour tannerite into the hollow portion.

Here is a short video showing the print and a 3D Render of the object.

And here is a longer video showing the process we went through to fill the helmet and detonate it using the Tavor. There is some cool slow-motion in addition from some drone video from my 3DR Solo. Enjoy!

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