Sunday, May 6, 2018

Project Ecthelion: Acrylic Divider MOD

Although I really like the Thermaltake Tower 900, there are a few things that visually I want to change. It has some large cavities towards that back that are made to route cables and tubing.  In function is is fine, but I don't like the way its looks, along with the extra row of holes and grommets. So I decided to use a section of white acrylic to cover up the areas that I find unsightly. Here is a rough sketch of what I planned to do.

In addition to wrapping the acrylic around the central storage area, I will also drill out holes for the hardline tubing to pass through.  Those holes will be cut down the road once I get the tubing bends situated and measured.

Here we have the prep tape and measurements to begin cutting the acrylic.

I opted to cut in the garage as acrylic is messy to deal with. Using some claps and a T-Square I secured everything down, and made my cuts using a jigsaw with a blade made to cut Plexiglas / acrylic.

Here we have it installed in the case. I kind of wish I would have used a matte white finish instead of glossy, but the end result will still work out.

As mentioned before, this will have to come out to drill a few more holes later in the project. Should be an easy modification.

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