Monday, April 30, 2018

Project Ecthelion: Fittings and Loop Design

For this build we will be utilizing a dual loop setup.  The First loop will be opaque white and will cool the CPU and Motherboard via a MonoBlock from EK.  The Second loop will cool the 2x Nvidia Titan X's in SLI.  The color will be blue, and using the same liquid additive that looked great in my Project Open Core (build log here), Mayhems Pastel Blue.

The Tower 900 case allows for some interesting design choices.  You can keep all of the "prettier" parts of the build towards the front of the case, and showcase nice hardline bends, while keeping the less attractive parts of the build hidden in the back, and leverage soft tubing for easier setup. Here is the diagram I made for this build to figure out how things would layout, and get a final fitting count.

For the fittings, as before I will primarily be using Monsoon Hardline fittings and various Barrow fittings for the rest of the build.  In addition to the dual loops, I have also built in a drain tube using flex tubing and a ball valve for easy fluid changes.

Next up we will start "modding" some of the hardware to match our color theme.

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