Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cryptocurrency Mining Rig Build – 2nd Rig & Video Overview

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I was able to get my 2nd Rig up and running, showing the "stacked" configuration of my case design.

The hardware is identical to the 1st one, but instead of 1060s I am running 6x GTX 1070s.  Here is the component list for the 2nd Rig.

In addition to higher hash rates (average 32Mh/s per card), they generate a LOT more heat.  Had to install a 4x fan setup to push the heat away towards the room's exhaust vent.

Here are the videos I put together outlining the entire process.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey Dude, Please Upgrade to WordPress. I'm Sure You'll Love it

    1. I have used WordPress, but prefer BlogSpot with the Google Photos integration. Quicker for me to post media to my site.