Monday, June 1, 2015

Quadcopter Drone - 3DR Solo update, Tarot 2D Gimbal flight Test

I have pre-ordered the 3DR SOLO, and there is currently good news, and bad news...

The good news is that is has finally shipped!  Although a week late, mine should arrive this weekend.
The bad news is that the gimbal has been delayed until late June / early July. That just plain stinks, as I was hoping to use it a bit over 4th of July weekend for some aerial videos while down in Southern Colorado near Durango.

 So even though I should have the drone this weekend, I can't really capture any great videos until the gimbal arrives.  Until then I will just mess around with it, and order all the accessories I can get a hold of, like this awesome hard case. 

More info, and maybe even an unboxing video once I actually get my hands on the Solo.

Since the the quad will arrive soon, I have decided to sell my DYI quad and GoPro Hero 3 black. Have it listed on Craigslist, and have actually received a few inquiries.  But one thing I realized is that I don't have any footage from the platform that is stabilized via the gimbal. 

So I did a quick 2min sample of the stabilization properties of the Tarot 2D Brushless Gimbal.  The quadcopter is flown in full manual mode without GPS assistance. Note that I couldn't fly very high and basically kept the quad in my front yard, as I am in a residential neighborhood, and near power-lines, but it should still be enough to get an idea of the gimbal's abilities. I really tried to jig it around a lot to show how well the gimbal copes with rapid movement.

If you want to watch it in full size 2K HD, here is the link:
Tarot 2D Gimbal Test 2kHD

Hopefully there will be a fun new update later this week! Thanks for stopping by.

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