Monday, October 10, 2016

Remington 870 Stock Upgrades Magpul M-Lock, Archangel Shell Carrier

The first firearm I ever purchased myself, was a Remington 870.  I was a senior in High School, and it has been through a lot of hunts and clay shooting over the last 15 years. It has also been beat up a bit, so I have decided to breath new life into the shotgun by adding a new synthetic stock.   Here it is with the original stock.

For the shotgun stock upgrades, I will be using the Magpul M-LOK systems. They feel good in the hand, and the rear offers an adjustable length of pull.  Plus, I really like the way they look.   The install for the standard 870 was really simple, took about 15min. In addition to the M-LOK I also added a Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad.

Looks brand new!

Also got a hold of a Remington 870 Tactical lately, and didn't want it feeling left out.  It will also receive a stock upgrade with the M-LOK system, and a few additional accessories.

For the 870 Tactical, I picked up a small weapon light to be mounted on the fore grip, and a 7 round shell carrier made by Archangel.  I recently upgrade the stock on my Springfield M1A Loaded to a stock made by Archangel, and have been extremely pleased with it. The install took about 10min, and happy to report it is very solid once installed and does not interfere with the pump action at all.

Final product looks pretty dang good, and it feels great.

Going to give the new stocks a try this weekend.  To wrap up the post, here are a few Before/After pics for comparison.

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