Sunday, March 6, 2016

3DR Solo Night Flyby - LDS Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Having received my gimbal a few months ago, I have had a chance to play around with more of the settings that allow me to control the GoPro while in the air via the Solo's Controller. Daytime flying is a breeze, and the ability to change settings without having to land is extremely helpful.  The one thing I hadn't tried yet, was shooting at night.

Here is a short video attempting to test out the night shot "mode" on the GoPro Hero 4 Black, using my 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone and Gimbal. Still need to tweak a few settings, but the foggy night and the lighting of this beautiful structure were too great to pass up.

The actual "Night Mode" toggle was not available (the option was grayed out) via the in-flight controls, so the video is a bit more grainy than I would have liked.  But not bad for a first attempt.

I didn't actually mean to get as close as I did at the end of the video.  After shooting various angles of the temple, I was satisfied with what I had captured, so I gave the command to the Solo to "Return Home".  Typically this works great, the drone goes up to gain altitude to avoid hitting trees or buildings, and returns to where it took off from. Apparently I need to add some additional altitude to that particular setting, because it definitely didn't get high enough to clear the statue atop the steeple (Moroni), and flew VERY close to it during the return flight... but it sure was a great shot!

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