Monday, March 3, 2014

Quadcopter Drone - Flight Direction LED Wiring

Next I am going to add some LEDs for directional indicators when flying the Quad at night.  I purchased 1M LED light strips from Amazon, one in Red the other in Green.  Green will indicate the front of the Quad, Red the back.  They work off of 12V, so the input of 11.1v from my 3S LiPo battery will work just fine for this purpose.  Here we have a few of the pieces of the LED strips cut off and the clear plastic stripped off the ends, ready for solder.

Solder applied to the contact points on the base of the LED strip.

Same as before, but with heat-shrink tubing applied to each lead.  They were a bit too close together for comfort, so I wanted to eliminate the chances of a short.

Here is the "daisy-chain" of multiple light strips linked together.  They will all come back to one JST connector that will plug directly into the battery.

Quick pic of all the light strips once they have been soldered together and connected to the battery via a JST connector.

LED Light Strips Installed, not turned on.

LED Light Strips Installed, turned on.

LED Light Strips Installed, turned on, with lights off.  Looks pretty good.  Can't wait to try out some night flying.

Next up I will be binding the Transmitter / Receiver, and setting up the KK2.1 flight controller board for motor direction and various calibration steps.

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