Friday, May 25, 2012


As mentioned in the "About Me" part of this blog, many would consider me a "Geek".  I guess I fit the profile considering as a hobby I build High-end Liquid cooled Computers, enjoy PC Gaming (RTS, FPS, and RPGs are my favorites), and am a big Sci-Fi / Fantasy nut.  But on the other side of the equation, I enjoy playing sports and working out (mostly free weights), love to shoot firearms, am an avid camper, and like to make things go boom.   The melding of my various hobbies and interests, has made for some interesting projects.

My name is Zane, but I have been using Mr_Armageddon as a forum nickname / gamer handle for over 15 years.  Anyone who grew up a Simpsons fan may have an idea where the nickname originates.

I am the Father of 4 young children, who keep me busy, and at times hinder progress on my projects. But I love being a Dad, and actually enjoy working on things alongside my kids, in the hope that they will also learn to love to tinker.  My lovely wife is very supporting (and is usually working on projects of her own), although at times she gets frustrated when my projects accidentally take precedence over the "Honey Do" lists she assigns me.  

Over time I will be adding some interesting projects to the blog, and welcome feedback anyone has to offer.

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